The psychology before the birth is a bit more different than the pregnancy psychology. It starts after 36. Week for some, after 38. week for some. Some pregnant ones fixed  40. Week as the triangulation point to themselves. This case is formed a bit by accepting 40. Week as 'the expiration date' in other words 'as the expected birth time'.
The pregnant one stars to sweat both physically and psychologically after these dates. The most important psychology of this term is impatience. Waiting, being curious, wanting to attain are the positive ones. Impatience, succumbing, wanting to defecate are the negative ones.
That how all pregnancy passed, whether wanting the pregnancy finish, whether the baby is wanted, the grade of the perturbations related to the life after the birth, the changes experienced related to the husband, family, materiality, career, etc. determine the term close to this birth will pass at what kind of quality. All of the works for the preparation to the birth made during the pregnancy (breath, relaxing, yoga, prompting, affirmation, meditation etc ) shall also affect her psychology before the birth.
Not only the pregnant but also all family and the birth team, mainly the husband should also give all support at this subject positively in this term. It is necessary for the parent candidate to pay attention to their preferences very much, respecting to how and when the baby wants to come, the pregnant should increase her works with her midwife and birth psychologist if possible in the little risky pregnancies progressing healthy.
The parent candidate should have information about both the birth’s physiology and also the responsibilities to be taken by them and work together with the birth team at this point while approaching to the birth.
The physiological support is also very important besides the physiological resting in this term. Interruption of the messages ‘’did not you give the birth yet’ from her friends and family, supporting by the husband by mediating at this subject, full and continuous connection of the mother candidate with her baby is very important.


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