Birth With No Regret Team

Birth With No Regret Team is a new model of birth. The mother is followed-up  by a team both in her pregnancy and in her birth. There are 3 specialists charged in this team and each specialist has different responsibilities.


1. Doctor: S/he has the medical responsibility of the birth. S/he follows the pregnant during pregnancy. During the birth  s/he examines when necessary and is surely in the hospital and receives every kind of information..S/he does not interfere the birth unless there is any medical problem.

2. Midwife / Doula: According to her specialization, at home or at hospital, she is responsible for continuously and one-to-one support to the mother during birth Thanks to the non-pharmacologic relaxing techniques, she facilitates the birth for mother to welcome birth waves easier The family is absolutely known previously and she is also responsible for the home visit after birth.

3. Birth Psychologist: She is responsible from the mother to be purified from her past anxieties and for her mental preparation in the pregnancy term. She encourages the mother to make her preferences consciously. She attends at hospital during the birth and is responsible for the support of both the family and the health team. During critical moments, she encourages the mother participates in the decisions actively. Her  greatest responsibility is to ensure that the familiy experiences Birth With No Regret, with no trauma as much as possible in regard of the mother and baby.


Every three specialists adopt a team work instead of a hierarchical order both on their decisions and also in their practical applications. The mother and her baby were always in the centre. The basic target is, at first, mother and baby, then family and everybody witnessed to the birth, to have the experience of Birth With No Regret.

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