What did they do for Birth With No Regret?

The birth is a physiological and healthy event private to the person. It is necessary to respect to mother’s preferences in order to be a respectful birth to mother and her baby. Mothers participated in the Program For Preparation and Support to the Birth with No Regret attain their babies with  much more comfortable, healthy and respectful birth. (RATE OF CAESAREANS AND INTERVENTION 10%)


  • They could have liquid and solid food easily.
  • They applied the active birth positions.
  • Babies meet their mothers with uninterrupted skin to skin contact right  after birth.
  • Their cords were not cut early.
  • Unnecessary interventions were not made.
  • Any medicine was not used as much as possible.
  • Mothers were not narcotized unless they demanded.
  • Babies were not taken away from parents under the name of care.
  • Husbands assisted their wives in both labor and birth and had been announced as "hero of the birth" by the mothers.​​


See what mothers, who dreamed to meet their babies as they wish, did for it! 



1-They searched a doctor who was respectful to the normal birth, keeping the mother’s preferences in the foreground. They did not hesitate to search a new doctor when they felt a confidence issue.

2-They worked with a midwife or doula from who they can get one-to-one support in the birth.

3-They searched the courses for preparation to the birth. They attended at one of these courses in order to be able to participate actively in the decisions related to the birth.

4-They did not refuge to the excuses that might prevent them in the way to participation in birth preparation program. They invested time & organized their budgets. Sometimes, they removed the door ornament and the gifts from the list, they took the course and the other preferences to the benefit of the baby into the list.

5-Thanks to the course:

  • They learned that they would be able to trust their bodies and their babies in the birth.
  • They worked the non-pharmacological relaxing techniques and the breath exercises.
  • They practiced the birth active positions together with their husbands.
  • They determined the preferences in the birth, their effect and their preferences at these interferences.
  • They learned the Mother and Baby Friendly Caesarean Philosophy when the caesarean is necessary.

6-They shared with their doctors their preferences related to birth, as early as possible.

7-They did not even want to hear the negative stories in the period till the birth. They focused only on a positive birth. They made mental purification for the negative feelings, anxieties and fears in the subconscious. They worked with the pregnant and birth psychologist.

8-They kept their bodies and minds healthy during the pregnancy. They had a healthy diet & did work-out.

9-They preferred being a good ‘’parent’’ rather than being a good ‘’patient’’ during the pregnancy and the birth. They did not keep their preferences untold with the fear to upset the doctors.

10-They did not accept to be passive in the birth but preferred to participate in the decisions actively. They took responsibility at this subject and shared it with their doctors.

11-They refused complying with the hospitals’ routines. They believed that every birth was private and preferred a hospital where their own preferences would be welcomed respectfully. 


We know that it shall not be possible for some of you to reach to all these. But whatever you do it is better than doing nothing. Do not forget that reaching to many of the items above for you completely depend on your selections in fact. Remember your wedding and the investment you made. Now, on the way to present a healthy, peaceful and comfortable birth to your baby, you will maybe make only one tenth of the investment and preparation that you have made on your wedding.


Is not it worthy for a healthy baby, healthy generation, healthy birth?


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