What is Birth With No Regret?

Birth with No Regret is the birth which starts by themselves unless there is any medical prevention, where the natural hormones are actively secreted in the optimum conditions, that are made without any intervention as much as possible, where the babies meet their mothers with uninterrupted Skin-to-Skin contact immediately after birth and where everybody witnessed the birth completed the birth «WITH NO REGRET» whatever is the birth way. It is performed by a team consisting of the doctor, the midwife/doula and birth psychologist.


This birth philosophy has been applied firstly by Istanbul Birth Academy and also welcomed warmly all over the world. It was formed with the belief that “Birth With No Regret” will create a future with no regret.



1.     It is a team work. There is doctor, midwife/doula, birth psychologist in the team.

2.     All works start in the first half of the pregnancy.

3.     The family surely participates in the program of 18 hours based on the physical preparation and mental purification.

4.     The families participate actively in the decisions after training.

5.     The birth starts by itself unless there is any medical prevention.

6.     Women act with their instincts freely.

7.     They give a birth actively in the position whatever they wish/prefer

8.     The mothers experience the birth by being strengthened.

9.     The fathers take active roles in the birth. They become the irrevocable hero of the birth.

10.   The babies experience not rupture but convergence. The baby meets directly with their mothers by uninterrupted the skin-to-skin contact after birth.

11.   The babies start to life with confidence.

12.   Birth With No Regret does not refuse interventions and the epidural analgesia. However it is applied not routinely but only when it is necessary.

13.   The mother and baby do not split again when the caesarean is necessary. The Mother/Father/Baby Friendly Caesarean is applied.




  •          FORTUNATELY I had came to the Program To Support “Birth With No Regret”.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had made my birth preferences previously.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had entered into the birth with the Midwife /Doula.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had selected my doctor very well and had a good communication.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had worked with the Pregnant and Birth Psychologist.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had selected my birth team and delivered myself.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had been prepared to the birth physically, mentally and psychologically.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had worked with my husband/partner.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had determined my hospital according to my birth preferences.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had learned the Mother Friendly Birth and Mother/Baby Friendly Caesarean.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had wanted to be able to reach to my birth preferences as much as possible.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had learned that nothing would be guaranteed in the birth and let it flow.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had been purified from my psychological ruins in the past.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had faced with all of my traumas that might occur during birth.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had respected my baby that s/he had every kind of right related to his/her birth.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had communicated with my baby during the whole pregnancy and used this communication in birth.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had understood and applied that the birth was the work of my baby and me.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had included my husband into the birth and experienced this process together.
  •          FORTUNATELY I had given confidence to my doctor and my birth team.


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