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Intuition, Creativity Development with Spirit Inspired Art Workshop


Develop your Intuition and Creativity with Spirit Inspired Art Workshop

Our inner voices are always talking to us unless we can hear them. They are much more talkative and powerful during pregnancy, labor and birth. And they have the power to initiate our lives and experiences; however, we cannot choose to change anything unless we are aware of it.

Using your spiritual abilities you can increase your awareness and become much more powerful.

In this workshop you can learn to:

1 - Open and use the chakras on the left hand path tapping into the wisdom of the right-brain hemisphere

2 - Do various readings for each other using spiritual inspired art

3 - Dream interpretation technique ( pregnant woman dream a lot)

Learn to build a right-brain wisdom dictionary



From June Elleni-Laine ;

Born in the north of England but made my home in London over 30 years ago. After attaining an Associates Degree in Fashion, I started working in the heart of London's 'ragtrade'. After being headhunted I successfully created a multi-million pound business in three years that supplied most of the high street stores with tasteful fashion dresses and coordinates.

In 1990 I had a spiritual emergency, which inspired me to follow my calling to develop spirit art at the SAGB,. and studying Ayurvedic Medicine. at The College Of Ayurveda. in London. After completing my training and with a keen interest in science I had totally changed my life by 2000. I became a professional Spirit Inspired Artist developing the uncanny gift of drawing recognizable portraits of the deceased and interpreting their messages. This allowed me the fantastic opportunity to travel the world sharing messages from Spirit. I often tap into my Designer and Health Educator background blending practicality, science and spirituality in a creative mix that I use to enhance my life and help others to do the same.

I love to teach self-empowerment and share information offering lectures courses workshops and retreats that balances the limited side of the conditioned mind, with inspiration and creativity. Although Science tells us we live in a virtually closed system on Earth, our imagination is not a closed system. This belief keeps me open for miracles, and indeed I have witnessed many.

I am often inspired to write as well as draw and am a published author. My books are available through Amazon; both teach how to use art and extra sensory perception to enhance living. Click the links below to go to Amazon where you can read reviews and buy books.

For more details, please visit:


Date: October 11th, Thursday

Hours: 19:00 - 21:00

Location: İstanbul Birth Academy, Nişantaşı

Info & Registration: +90 212 240 59 35 or email @


0850 3332239 (10.00 -18.00)

Valikonağı Cad. Sezai Selek Sok. Nevide Apt. No:22/4 Nişantaşı / İstanbul

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