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Sibel Esenalp is a doula and a childbirth educator who provides pre-natal and post-natal emotional, physical and educational support to women in order to help them have a memorable and empowering birth experience.

Sibel's base training as a childbirth educator and doula has entailed over 200 hours of education.She understands the physiological and psychological processes of birth and is well-versed with non medical pain-relief techniques for expecting mothers such as breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, massage and laboring positions. Sibel also fully understands the importance of the father/partner and compliments and enhances his/her role in the birthing process. One of her concerted effort is to help a parent become informed about various birth choices and facilitate a better communication between the parent and their caregivers. She helps mothers in efficient breastfeeding and enhances postpartum bonding between the mother and the child.

She earned her certification as a childbirth doula and educator through the Istanbul Birth Academy and maintains her certification through birth attendance and numerous continuing education/training courses.

Prior to being a childbirth educator, Sibel spent 15 years in the corporate world having worked with one of the world's top tech companies in Turkey, handling country and regional marketing management roles. 

Sibel has an MBA in CRM & Sales Management from Depaul University Chicago, US and is a graduate from Turkey's top French institutions, Ste Pulcherie and St Benoit, respectively. She is also an alumni of Bilkent University, Ankara's management school.

She chose to work as a Doula and Childbirth Educator to remind women across all strata of the society how powerful their body and the process of birthing is. She highlights nature's miracle of birth by generating and supporting a greater consciousness towards it.

Sibel is 39 and loves spending time with her family and friends.


Trainings & Congress:

2017 September, Baby Traffic Safety, Ph.D. Serpil Acar & Ph.D.  Memiş Acar 

2017 September, Belly Wrapping for Pregnancy Support, FTZB®

2016 September, ClauWi® NewBorn Wearing Consultant

2016/12 - 2017/03, Alchemy of Love Training, Metin Hara

2016 October, Istanbul, Homeopathy for Gestation, Labor, Postpartum, Homeopathy Association

2016 August, Istanbul, Sensuality During Pregnancy and Life after Birth, Heba Shaheed, The Pelvic Expert

2016 April, İstanbul, Rebozo Techniques for Pregnancy & Labor, Thea Van Tuyl (Assistant Instructor)

2016 - 2018, APPPAH* Distanced Training, Birth Psychology

2016 March, Right Brain and Intuition Development Techniques Training

2015 December, Communication with the Unborn Workshop with June-Elleni Laine

2015 October, Izmir, International 2.Childbirth Educator Congress

2015 October, Izmir, International 2.Childbirth Educator Congress, Fundamental Reflex ology for Pregnancy and Birth Workshop (Assistant Instructor )

2015 October, Germany Midwifery Today, Rebozo Techniques for Pregnancy & Labor

2015 October, Germany Midwifery Today, Rebozo Techniques for Pregnancy & Labor

2015 October, Germany Midwifery Today, International Midwifery Congress

2015 September, Istanbul, Trust Human Academy, Hypnomania Training, Travis Fox,MD

2015 April, Ankara, National Birth Symposium, Zekai Tahir Burak Woman Health Research Hospital

2014 Mart, Istanbul, Fundamental Reflexology for Pregnancy and Birth Training, Stefan Rippel

2014 October, Istanbul, Childbirth Educator and Doula Training, Istanbul Birth Academy, Istanbul (9 months 10 days, 200 hours)

2014 Izmir, Heal Your Life Workshop, Muzeyyen Isler

2013 Istanbul, Welcoming InnerSelf Workshop, Metin Hara

2012 Istanbul, Overcoming Illusion Workshop, Metin Hara

2008 Chicago, DePaul University, MBA

2002 Ankara, Bilkent University, Management

1997 Istanbul, Saint Benoit French High School

1994 Istanbul, Sainte Pulcherie French High School


*Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and 

0850 3332239 (10.00 -18.00)

Valikonağı Cad. Sezai Selek Sok. Nevide Apt. No:22/4 Nişantaşı / İstanbul

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