Op. Dr. MD. Hakan Çoker

HAKAN COKER                                                            

Women/Female Diseases and Obstetrician, LCCE (Pregnant Trainer with Lamaze certificate), HP (HypnoBirthing® Trainer), Active Birth Trainer

  • 1990 Istanbul Medical Faculty
  • 1994-MD-Taksim First Aid Hospital
  • 2005 Training Course for Pregnant Before Birth by 9th September University
  • 2007 Lamaze International Certificate
  • 2009 Hypno Birthing Certificate-England
  • 2010 Active Birth Certificate
  • 2010 May Founder of Istanbul Birth Academy
  • 2012 Member of Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital Commission of the Minister of Health

Conferences where He attended as the active speaker or trainer

  • 2010 Student Midwifery Congress speech
  • Mart 2011 Sapanca- Everything Concerning Birth Conference
  • May 2011 ITU Speech at Conference from Brain to Conscious
  • April 2011 Kocaeli Unv. Conference
  • October 2011 Midwifery Congress workshop
  • 03rd of May 2012- Marmara University- Midwives’ Week
  • May 2012-Marmara Unv., Çanakkale Eighteenth March Unv.  “Everything Concerning Birth” Conferences
  • 1st June 2012 - Marmara University /Speech at New Born and Its World Symposium
  • 19th June 2012- Fulya Acıbadem Host. / “Everything Concerning Birth” Conference
  • 24th September 2012- 1.Conference of Training and Coaching for Preparation to Birth –Scientific Committee’s Membership-Workshop and Speech
  • 2013 Lamaze-Active Birth-accreditations  by APPPAH-ISPPM t
  • 24th-27th October 2013-The Health Directorate of Kayseri Province/ Conscious Midwife Healthy Family Project – Training of/for 4 days
  • America - APPPAH Congress / What is Birth with No Regret?
  • 17th -20th October 2013-Germany Dresden/ ISDPPM Congress / Parent-Baby Friendly Cesarean Practical Applications in the Birth with No Regret
  • 24th-26th April 2013 – Istanbul / Natural Birth Congress-Birth With No Regret
  • 6th May 2013-Balıkesir Health College / Roles of Midwives in the Birth With No Regret
  • 2nd-5th June 2014 Bolu-Eastern Marmara Progress Agency ‘Another Birth is Possible’ in scope of the project 'The health Personnel is working for the Healthy Mothers and Babies' the training program for 4 days
  • 10th June 2014 The State Hospital of Kocaeli Seba: 'Another Birth is Possible' Speech


Conferences He Attended     


  • 2012 - Germany Midwifery Today International Traditional Midwifery Congress
  • 7th-14th October 2013-New Orleans USA / Lamaze Coaching for Preparation to Birth Congress
  • 29th October-3rd November 2013- Belgium- Midwifery Today International Traditional Midwifery Congress

Duties of the Ministry of Health

  • Member in Commission of Mother Friendly Hospital
  • Member in the Scientific Commission  Training of Trainer for Preparation to Birth


0850 3332239 (10.00 -18.00)

Valikonağı Cad. Sezai Selek Sok. Nevide Apt. No:22/4 Nişantaşı / İstanbul

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