MidwifeDoula Serpil Varlik

Midwife Serpil Varlik


The Midwife Serpil Varlık, born in Hamburg, Germany in 1977, started the midwifery education of 3 years after her graduation at Realschule (high school) in 1995. She participated in the seminaries for the birth in water by
Cornelia Enning in 1997. She graduated from the midwifery school in 1998 and started to work as the midwife in the delivery room of Markus Hospital in Frankfurt. On the other hand she had the aromatherapy, homeopathy and Bach-Bluten-Flowers trainings while she was going on the midwifery service. She also arranged the home visits, exercise courses for preparation to birth and after birth besides her works in the birth service.

She worked as the Head-Midwife in the same hospital from 2004.

She took the responsibilities of many births in water. In births where she attended, she also worked as doula by applying the non-pharmacological techniques for relaxing the mother and the supplementary-complementary medical techniques besides the midwifery service.

She got married in 2007 and moved/settled down in Istanbul. Her son Batu was born with the normal birth in Istanbul in

She is currently charged in the subjects of doula training, courses for preparation to birth, breast-feeding meetings and midwife and midwifery meetings at Istanbul Birth Academy.




0850 3332239 (10.00 -18.00)

Valikonağı Cad. Sezai Selek Sok. Nevide Apt. No:22/4 Nişantaşı / İstanbul

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